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Applications DVD Vol.2 by Russ Martin, West of England 6th Dan!

Really interesting DVD which covers applications from patterns Joong Gun and Toi-Gye. The alternative applications drawn from these two patterns gives access to many techniques that end up with your opponent on the floor (often painfully so for them!). You’ll find upward palm block in rear foot stance used as an arm lock, U-shaped and W-shaped blocks used as throws, X-pressing block as a release from a grab – and many more alternative ideas.
You can buy it directly from Mr Martin’s website at www.appliedtaekwondo.com or if you prefer you can choose to pay to download an MP4 copy instead – this can then be viewed on your laptop, PC, smart phone, tablet etc. etc.
(If you want any more info, ask Mr Hay).
There is also a previous volume, which covers moves from the lower patterns.





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