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About Taekwondo

Introduction to Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do is a Martial art which originated in Korea. It was formed in 1955 from a combination of ancient Korean kicking techniques and Shotokan Karate.
The self-defence side of the art consists of mainly blocks. Kicks and punches, although it does have some less obvious locks, holds, and even throws.
The usual public perception of the art is that it is all about high kicks. Although these are a spectacular part of the art that can be learnt, there is no need for the new comer to Tae Kwon Do to be put off if they are not very flexible; “Tae Kwon Do“ literally means “Kicking Punching Art”, which tells you it is not all about kicks. In fact there is considerable doubt if flashy kicks are of any use in the self-protection environment, and may actually be too risky to be really effective.

What is the T.A.G.B.?

The Tae Kwon Do Association of Great Britain, the largest independent martial arts organisation of its
Kind in Europe with over 20,000 members. This represents a very large number of clubs (we call them “schools”) in many areas, and a wealth of instructor knowledge and experience. It was established in 1983.
The West of England division alone has over 5,000 students. This ensures stability in the clubs, some of which have been running since the late 1970’s.

Who are the Instructors?

All TAGB Instructors have to be established Black Belts, pass a recognised Instructor qualification, pass regular CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checks, and have a First Aid qualification.
What does training consist of?
A typical lesson consists of a variation on the following:
A progressive warm-up to get the body safely ready for exercise
Basic moves, performed up and down in lines (linework), designed to get the body accustomed to the techniques, and for them to eventually become automatic.
Learning set sequences, “patterns”, which are used to demonstrate skill for moving up the grades.
Releases from grabs and holds.
Practice of sport sparring punches and kicks as used in tournament sparring.

Who runs the gradings?

The TAGB Instructors do not grade their own students, but have a regional Grading Examiner who will be impartial, and give a fair assessment of the student’s progress.
Black Belt gradings are done by a panel of the Association’s Committee members.
What can I expect to gain from training in Tae Kwon Do?
There are many different reasons why people take up Tae Kwon Do, and some of the most common ones which can reasonably be expected to be improved are fitness, confidence, reaction times, self control, self discipline and an understanding of the legal and moral aspects of self defence.

Who can train?

Men and Women, Boys and Girls, fit or unfit. We have a “Tigers” division in most clubs for the 4-year olds and upwards.
The TAGB has a large number of families training together, which has obvious advantages from a social point of view.

Useful Links

These are some links which we have found useful to give to perspective students, and people who are already training with us.