TAGB TaeKwonDo in somerset

Ethics policy

I feel it is important to in explain some of my beliefs and values in order to give people who are interested in learning Tae Kwon Do some confidence that the organisation they are joining is not going to just “rip them off” and leave them feeling disillusioned.

There is no contract or trick to stop people leaving if they choose to do so.
The training fees (currently £35 per month for as many sessions as you like) are very reasonable, especially to join such a large, stable network as the TAGB.

With huge advantage of the free first month’s training, I believe you will not find better value.
All our Instructors are properly trained, CRB checked and insured. The Association insists on it, and so should you.

The TAGB is big enough to hold genuine, large competitions at Regional, National and International levels, overseen by qualified Referees and Umpires.

I do not grade my own students. This is done by the regional grading examiner, an 8th Dan Master, to endure fairness and absence of bias.

All are welcome to come and try Tae Kwon Do, regardless of age or physical fitness. Disabled people are welcome to try, and we will do our best to accommodate them if at all possible.

The Tae Kwon Do we teach is based firmly on the founder’s original principles, and is intended to give people a strong feeling of self-improvement, and to positively impact on their confidence, self -esteem and determination to succeed in other areas of life.

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